Caseworkers and Advocates


Caseworkers, Court Appointed Special Advocates, and the child’s attorney are always welcome at Austin’s House. Austin’s House has a typical weekday and weekend routine, so to ensure that the child is available, please call between 10 am and 4 pm M-F at least 24 hours in advance to schedule a visit. Weekend visits should be scheduled by 1 pm Friday to ensure clear communication with the Austin's House weekend staff.  All visits must be scheduled with the Administrative staff.  Caregivers cannot schedule visits.


Caseworkers and attorneys may do drop-in visits--but be aware that most children have outside appointments and may not be available if you don't call 

in advance.


As the legal guardian, the caseworker is our primary contact for all issues or concerns regarding the child. The issues we are likely to contact you about are approval for outside contacts or outings, medical appointments or other medical issues, school issues, or important observations about the child that may be pertinent to the child's well-being.


Our policy is that children are allowed to contact their caseworker or attorney by phone at any time that you have established is appropriate.


If you are the child’s Court Appointed Special Advocate, please bring a copy of the court order for our file. We understand that these orders sometimes take awhile to be issued, so if you would like to meet with the child before the order is available, please call us and we can confirm the appointment through the CASA office.


A private meeting room is available for you to meet with children. This room can also be scheduled for you to meet or have supervised visitation with the child and other individuals as approved by the caseworker. Austin’s House will provide supervision for visits as requested by the caseworker.  Because supervised visitation requires additional staffing, several days advance notice is required.