We are BIG on education at Austin’s House! Our staff will be helping with homework assignments, checking grades and communicating with teachers on a routine basis. If you have questions or concerns, please contact our Executive Director, Kathleen Miller, at 267-6711, or email her at



Here is some additional information that may be useful to teachers and administrators:


Whenever possible, children stay in the school they were attending when they were placed at Austin’s House. Austin’s House will transport the child or arrange for bus transportation. 


Either Austin's House or the caseworker will provide the school with a placement letter from the placement agency, which provides you with information about contacts, the legal custody status of the child, and the role of Austin's House in the child's care.


 During the first week or two after placement, our first priority is to help the child adjust to the disruption in his or her life. Schoolwork may be a lower priority for awhile as we work to reduce the child’s stress level. We encourage you to contact us with questions, but ask for your patience and compassion during this time.


While the child is residing at Austin’s House, we want them to fully participate in school activities—and we’ll do our best to support requests for classroom supplies, contributions for parties and other events, etc., so please don’t hesitate to ask!


While we are always available to discuss school issues, we cannot discuss any details of the child’s case.


Many thanks to teachers and other school personnel for the great support you provide!