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Susanna, Aleesa and Tyler

Susanna, Aleesa and Tyler were 15, 13 and 12 year old siblings who were

placed at Austin's House after the parents of one of the child's friends called CPS after seeing the child with a black eye.  All 3 children arrived with bruises and other injuries that could be evidence of serious abuse.  The children had been living with one parent, who frequently kept Susanna out of school to assist in household chores and caring for the other children.  Despite a long history of school absences, Susanna was bright and eager to work hard to catch up in school.  Aleesa had a history of emotional illness, and was very anxious about being away from her parent, despite the abuse. Although she had a difficult time controlling her temper, she was comforted by having her brother and sister with her.  Tyler was easy going and adapted well, but worried about his older sister a lot.  The first day Susanna woke up at Austin's House, she said "This is such a relief!".  Because these 3 children had very different needs, they were placed in different homes after they left Austin's House.  Susanna was placed in a home where she could focus on her education and obtaining the life skills necessarily to live independently in a few short years.  Aleesa was placed in a therapeutic environment and Tyler went to another foster home.  Although siblings are usually kept together, sometimes separate placements meet their special needs better.  The 3 children were placed close enough that they will see each

other frequently.