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Abby was a chubby cheeked, blonde baby girl who was placed at Austin's House when she was 9 months old.  Child Protective Services

responded to a call from a neighbor who reported hearing a baby crying for extended periods of time.  When CPS arrived at 2 a.m.,  Abby was sitting alone on a couch in the living room, wet and hungry.  Her mom and a friend

were passed out in other rooms.  By the time CPS completed their investigation, changed and fed Abby and brought her to Austin's House, it

was 6 a.m.  Although Abby was clearly exhausted, the stress of not having

her mother, a new environment and new people left her unable to relax enough to sleep.  After making sure Abby wasn't hungry, the caregiver snuggled her into our softest blanket and walked up and down the long hallway.  As Abby began to relax, they settled into a rocker and rocked until Abby was finally able to fall asleep.  Abby stayed at Austin's House for 4 days, until a relative was able to step in and provide care while the case was assessed.