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Thomas and Lexi

Thomas and Lexi were two year old twins, placed at Austin's House when their care became too difficult for their 75 year old great grandparents to

handle.  Their mother had a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, and the twins had been in 4 different placements in their young lives.  Both children had behavioral issues and developmental delays, possibly caused by both the frequent disruptions in care, and fetal drug and alcohol exposure.  Despite their sometimes challenging behavior, both kids were very sweet and engaging, and responded really well to the structured and calm environment at Austin's House.  They really blossomed with lots of outdoor activity, quiet 1-1 time with caregivers, and a clear understanding of 'what would happen next' in their day.  Each child also quickly identified some special things that provided comfort at nap and bedtime....a certain stuffed

animal, books, pillow and blanket that helped them calm down and go to

sleep without fear.  When the children leave Austin's House for a more

permanent placement, they take with them the toys and books they have become attached to, and we hope this helps in their transitions.  Thomas and Lexi stayed with us for about 2 months, and were then placed together in a foster home where the parents had additional training to support children who need a higher level of care.